Individual Counselling

Once you have  made contact with me we will arrange a convenient time for an initial consultation. This can take place either face to face or if more convenient this can happen through a telephone consultation. I understand the importance of finding a counsellor with whom you feel you may be able to work with and therefore with that understanding, I do not charge for our initial consultation.


This time will provide each of us an opportunity to ask questions and to see if we feel we are able to work with each other. Questions I will ask you will help me to gain an understanding of what is worrying you and what you are looking for from therapy.

Such as:

  • What has brought you to therapy?
  • What is your current situation and brief history?
  • What symptoms are you experiencing?


If we decide to work together we will agree and form our contract of working together. It is important that professional boundaries are discussed to ensure clarity and understanding of what these mean and include:

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Dates and timings of the sessions
  • How and when to contact me outside of sessions
  • Clarifying the professional aspect of the client/counsellor relationship
  • Cancellation policy