Please read comments my clients have made as our working together, has come to an end…


“I just think it has been a fantastic experience – you have helped me through these months. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am, able to reflect and see things from a fresh perspective and make changes.” – Mark


“I was treading water.

I was thrown a lifebelt.

I became safe and secure in a lifeboat.

I was finally able to reach the shore.” – Anonymous


“I would like to thank you very much for your help and understanding when I was at the most desperate state of my life and so alone. When I came to counselling I had no expectations or idea what I wanted. I do not think I would have returned to my usual self without your help that has been welcoming, attentive and insightful. I now understand counselling is a journey which has been exactly what I needed.

In the future anyone who receives counselling from you will be well served.” – Anonymous


A Martian Journey

“When we started the journey, I had no idea where we would go. During our journey we have meandered to visit many places. Most places were where I needed to visit, but we visited some very unexpected places. As the hills towards the end of our journey came into view, I became fearful of the end. However as we crest the hills, I can see a new journey starting as we part.”  – “Very ably assisted me in my transition to my new life.” – Andrew


“You have kept me in your care and can now hand my care to the future.” – Anonymous


“I came into counselling a cynic not knowing how talking could help me with my anxiety and panic attacks but it has miraculously thanks to you. ” – Anonymous


“Having worked with you during the last few months, I can now see I have a future, which has come as a surprise to me. I can now say working with you has been a pleasure.” – Anonymous


“Once again you were there for me. All my sessions with you have been emotional and helpful. I am not the devastated soul that you first met. Thank you very very much for helping me to transition to a new life. All the best in the future. – Anonymous


” To Sally,

Thank you! For all your help and support. I know I shall be discovering so much from within myself for many years to come, all this supported by you.” – Anonymous