During this difficult time we’re all going through, we are facing many challenges. With the constant media coverage, we would find it hard to have not already been affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Whether it’s financial, physical, or emotional, the pandemic will be impacting us all.


I am pleased to say I am once again offering ‘face to face’┬ácounselling sessions. In addition to the popular ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions, meeting online or speaking over the telephone.

When considering a safe space to talk, you could use an unused room in your house, your car, or during your daily outdoor exercise.


We can have a telephone call or email to answer any questions you have. I am also pleased to offer a free 20-minute telephone call to see how we get along.


During these turbulent times, this information may be out of date, so please follow the latest government recommendations and stay safe.