Let’s talk about Self – Compassion

What is self – compassion?… It really means taking care of yourself. So how do we do that?

How often do we say that to others we care about? If we can feel this way towards others, can we consider treating ourselves this way? To treat ourselves as we would a best friend, with kindness, love and understanding.

To be a best friend to yourself, imagine what it would feel like to hear, “I am here for you, to love you, just as you are. I care about you.”

I believe the way to combat shame and self-loathing, is to speak to ourselves with warmth rather than hurtful self-criticism.
We tend to put our self-acceptance on hold. To dare to challenge those high and unachievable expectations we may hold of ourselves and face them with self-love. To feel our own support within with the courage to take risks, grow and flourish, in the knowledge that we are good enough, just as we are. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful….

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