What anxiety means to me

Anxiety… it can impact on many of us either directly or indirectly, however the good news is that awareness is growing and permitting more open conversations about what it may be like to live with.


So, what would it be like to consider that a degree of anxiety is normal within everyday life? Perhaps controversially, I believe anxiety is often trying to tell us that something is out of kilter in our life.


So how content do we feel with the decisions we make in our life? Do we feel we are living life in a genuine or authentic way? Or perhaps we feel as though we have little control or no choices? Holding these beliefs can lead us to living with intrusive and unhelpful thoughts resulting in ourselves feeling powerless …


I have found that when life events or unsatisfying relationships are explored within a professional relationship, an increased understanding and healing takes place. This in turn, permits increased value of self, renewed self-confidence and positive changes to happen.


If you are experiencing anxiety, you may benefit from exploration within a trusting and safe relationship to look beneath the presenting symptoms. Consider, what it would feel like to share your thoughts with someone who is trained to listen to you carefully in a non-judgmental and accepting way to gain deeper understanding and clarity?


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