Autism, aren’t we all individual…

Further to my work my ongoing experience includes working with children and young people who are statemented with Autism. Living with Autism may be experienced as confusing and isolating as difficulty to recognise, understand and express feelings can lead to social and communication difficulties and therefore prove challenging to connect with own emotions of those of others.

Change is particularly difficult as the familiar may now become confusing and unsettling and frequently resulting in experiencing associated feelings of anxiety. Changes can appear small but clearly can be significantly upsetting for the individual. As when living with Autism there way be feelings of disconnection within their environment or society, heightening isolation and loneliness and impacting on self esteem and experiencing positive emotional well being.

For some individuals who live with Autism the symptoms can be so distressing and confusing that alternative ways to cope may be found and lead onto a destructive path, as a way to escape the pain, isolation and difference felt. Addictions or turning towards self-harm or becoming involved in abusive relationships may be forms of escapism. However unhealthy and have further negative impact for the individual who may be suffering. I am here to help; to provide a safe and accepting space to build a mutual understanding and respectful relationship led at your pace to empower you.

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